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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BBC Gaza coverage: Consistently biased

Give the Beeb credit - at least they're consistent. I'm sure none of my British readers will be surprised to see BBC Watch's evaluation of reporter Jeremy Bowen's Gaza coverage.
The executive summary states:
1. Of 58 reports by Mr. Bowen, 38 were unbalanced. Of those, a staggering 98% portrayed Israel in a negative light;

2. Of the civilian human interest interviews selected by Mr. Bowen, 82% portrayed Palestinians in a positive light -- a remarkable feat when, for most of the conflict, Mr. Bowen complained that he was not allowed into Gaza and so principally only had access to Israelis.

3. Of Mr. Bowen's 22 diary entries, all posted on the BBC website under the title of "The Bowen Diary," 20 were unbalanced. All of them portrayed Israel in a negative light.

4. The Bowen Dieary frequently included personal opinion of Mr. Bowen in clear breach of BBC guidelines; . . .
You can see the full report here.


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