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Friday, January 29, 2010

1% of Israeli Jews: Peace possible with 'Palestinians'

And you thought Barack Obama had no support in this country.

Only 1% of Israeli Jews believe that peace is possible with the 'Palestinians' according to a poll taken for the Knesset Channel.
The vast majority – 79% - of Israelis believe that the possibility of achieving a peace agreement with the Palestinians is next to zero. The poll, conducted by the Panels organization for the Knesset Channel, said that only 1% of Israelis believed that there was a "good chance" peace with the Palestinian Authority could be achieved.

A similar number – 76% - believe that the current Palestinian leadership is not even interested in achieving peace with Israel, while only 17% believe that it is. The poll was released Thursday afternoon by the Knesset channel.
And to think that someone interviewed me this afternoon (more when it's up online) and asked whether I really believed that 67% of Israeli Jews wanted the IDF to go back into Gaza.

Maybe Jews aren't so stupid after all. At least not Israeli Jews.


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