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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama's epic fail on the Middle East 'peace process'

A joint poll of 'Palestinians' and Israelis shows that neither are very impressed with President Obama's peacemaking.
Following the intensified American diplomatic activity in the region in recent months, a majority of Palestinians think that Obama's policy is more supportive of Israel (64%). Among Israelis 40% think Obama's policy is more supportive of the Palestinians; only 12% think it is more supportive of Israel. Compared to a poll conducted December 2008, in proximity to Obama's election, Israelis are less enthusiastic about American involvement in the region, more worried about the continuation of American support, and less willing to accept American pressure. Palestinians see now American
involvement somewhat more favorably than in December.

Following Fateh's Sixth Congress held last week, 27% of the Palestinians think the new Fateh leadership will be more able than the previous one to end Israeli occupation, 28% think it will be less able, and a plurality of 38% think there will be no difference. In light of the resolutions taken by the Fateh Congress, a majority 59% of Israelis do not believe Israel has a partner for peace negotiations.

Given the recent emphasis the US attaches to the Arab League (Saudi) plan, our poll examined the two publics' attitudes toward it, as well as their attitudes toward the Clinton (Geneva) parameters for an Israeli-Palestinian final status agreement. A majority of 64% of the Palestinians support the Saudi plan, up from 57% in June. Among Israelis, 40% support the Saudi plan in the current poll, up from 36% in June. The support in both publics for the overall Clinton package and for most of its components has been steadily declining, with a minority of 38% supporting the package now among Palestinians, and 46% among Israelis.
And you thought 'everyone' already knows what the solution is supposed to be.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

There is no majority support for a two state solution among the Palestinian public. They're perfectly happy with the status quo. So why is Obama pushing so hard for something they don't want? It doesn't compute.


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