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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mark Steyn on Obama's Orwellian picture of the Holocaust

In The Corner, Mark Steyn comments on Michael Ledeen's article regarding Obama's Orwellian picture of the Holocaust, which I excerpted and commented on here.
I take your point that "it may be what he means by 'never again,' but most everybody else means 'we're going to act to throttle the next would-be Hitler'". But I'm not sure everybody else does mean that, not anymore.

The French thinker (if you'll pardon the expression) Alain Finkielkraut says that "Never again" to a European means "Never again power politics. Never again nationalism. Never again Auschwitz" - which sounds like a slightly different order of priorities from yours. And over the decades the revulsion against any kind of "power politics" has come to trump whatever revulsion post-Auschwitz Europe might feel about mass murder. That's why in the early Nineties the EU let hundreds of thousands die on its borders in the Balkans rather than act to prevent it. Indeed, they "acted" only to prevent the Americans coming in and doing something about it, because they found it easier to tolerate the murder of their fellow Europeans than the idea of American military action to stop it.

It's interesting how easily the Obama definition of "Never again" fits that kind of passivity.
Read the whole thing.

I thought about my post some more since last night. Much of what underlies Obama's attitude about the Holocaust is his own narcissism. It didn't happen to him and therefore he cannot relate to it. Think back to that Daniel Ortega speech in Trinidad, where after listening to Ortega slam the United States for about 40 minutes, all Obama could say was 'at least he didn't blame me for the Bay of Pigs.' If he wasn't personally affected by something, Obama has no capacity for empathizing with it. He 'gets' morality plays where he perceives white people beating up on indigenous people of color or Jews and Christians beating up on Muslims. He doesn't 'get' anything that affects other ethnic groupings. (By the way, Michelle Obama, who was 'never proud of America' until her husband was elected, has the same massive blind spot).


At 4:02 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

People who don't understand evil will never grasp why defeating it is the key to true peace on earth.

That is Obama's dangerous blind spot. He seems to think that no one is truly bad and with a liberal dose of psychobabble, peace, goodwill and brotherhood will break out everywhere on earth. Tell that to the Holtzmans (may G-d avenge their blood!) who were murdered last year in Mumbai by Muslim fanatics.

The world is not what Barack and Michelle like to believe about it. Its just the opposite.

At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Never again power politics. Never again nationalism. Never again Auschwitz"TRANSLATION = "We have to find some other way of getting rid of the Jews."

At 10:49 AM, Blogger noktech said...

I think they figure that even after the achieving Jews leave or get blown up, the Israeli Arabs will get to keep Israel and it will be just like it is now. Logic is missing! There's still time for them to join the Israeli Jews rather than supporting the birdbrained "resistance" and keep sedef the miracle in the desert blooming. Otherwise, if their side wins, take a look at Gaza to see what they'll be left with. Think this through


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