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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Times still doesn't get it

For those of you who think I am routinely insomniac, you are off for a change. I am on my way to the US. As I write this, I am sitting in the airport in - of all places - Budapest, Hungary. Getting onto my laptop in Hungarian was a challenge, but at least there's free WiFi here. And those of you who grew up with me will understand (and no one else will) that as I came up the jetway from the plane, I heard hundreds of teenaged voices screaming "Buda, Buda, Buda, Pest, Buda, Buda, Buda, Pest." (That cannot be explained - you had to be there).

So as I sit and wait for the first of two connecting flights (yes, that's how you save money on travel these days), I logged on and found that the New York Times is wondering what we're doing wrong because the Arabs still 'don't get' that 9/11 really happened (Hat Tip: Hot Air).
It is easy for Americans to dismiss such thinking as bizarre. But that would miss a point that people in this part of the world think Western leaders, especially in Washington, need to understand: That such ideas persist represents the first failure in the fight against terrorism — the inability to convince people here that the United States is, indeed, waging a campaign against terrorism, not a crusade against Muslims.

“The United States should be concerned because in order to tell people that there is a real evil, they too have to believe it in order to help you,” said Mushairy al-Thaidy, a columnist in the Saudi-owned regional newspaper Asharq al Awsat. “Otherwise, it will diminish your ability to fight terrorism. It is not the kind of battle you can fight on your own; it is a collective battle.”

There were many reasons people here said they believed that the attacks of 9/11 were part of a conspiracy against Muslims. Some had nothing to do with Western actions, and some had everything to do with Western policies.
And of course, it goes without saying that what's behind that 'conspiracy' in the Arab mind is US support of Israel....
“Maybe people who executed the operation were Arabs, but the brains? No way,” said Mohammed Ibrahim, 36, a clothing-store owner in the Bulaq neighborhood of Cairo. “It was organized by other people, the United States or the Israelis.”

The rumors that spread shortly after 9/11 have been passed on so often that people no longer know where or when they first heard them. At this point, they have heard them so often, even on television, that they think they must be true.

First among these is that Jews did not go to work at the World Trade Center on that day. Asked how Jews might have been notified to stay home, or how they kept it a secret from co-workers, people here wave off the questions because they clash with their bedrock conviction that Jews are behind many of their troubles and that Western Jews will go to any length to protect Israel.

“Why is it that on 9/11, the Jews didn’t go to work in the building,” said Ahmed Saied, 25, who works in Cairo as a driver for a lawyer. “Everybody knows this. I saw it on TV, and a lot of people talk about this.”
It's time for the Times and everyone else on the American and Western Left to drop the condescending pretense. The Arabs aren't that stupid and they don't really believe that 9/11 was a Western conspiracy that was meant to provide a pretext for invading Afghanistan and then Iraq. The truth is something that the Arabs won't tell you because they know it might so infuriate Americans that they would openly take Israel's side in its disupte with the Arabs.

The truth is that the Arabs rejoiced on 9/11 and that they still hand out candies and celebrate every time an infidel westerner is killed in a terror attack perpetrated by Muslims. They can't tell you that, so instead they pretend that 9/11 was an American and Israeli plot to arouse sympathy for an attack against Arabs. And gullible fools like the Times take those assertions as an article of faith not to be questioned and wonder what is wrong with 'us' and why we cannot get our message through.

The Arabs are a people who are willing to sacrifice their young to gain brownie points for Islam in the world media. We have seen this again and again in Gaza, in Judea and Samaria and in Lebanon. Why should it be any different in Cairo or New York?


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Thud said...

I don't know why the media even bothers with the finer details..the whole world of Islam is at war with us....pretty simple realy!

At 4:19 PM, Blogger rickismom said...

Well said.

At 6:14 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I find the dichotomy of arabs denying involvement in 9/11 while simultaneously blaming Israel/Jews to be as amusing as their dichotomy of pretending the holocaust didn't happen or wasn't severe, whilst using Nazi images to depict jews, Israelis, and the US.

Which is it, o arab? You can't have it both ways.

My guess is that the majority of arab people are good, kind, caring folks. And they have some of the most vile, unrepentant, uneducated leaders. Who cover for their own inadequacy and failings by blaming the jews/Israelis/US for all their ills and misfortune. Because the arabs, the peace loving minority of arabs, who just want to have a nice and happy life, would be so profoundly shamed by the actions of their tribesmen and fellow travelers. They would have the sort of everlasting historical shame that Germany, Austria, and Europe in general have. Profound shame, with no hope of redemption. Because arabs waged a war against others for imaginary insults and extraordinarily weak reasons, bringing humiliation upon themselves. For killing innocents. For murdering without caring, in cold blood.

This is what the minority of peace loving arabs fear. Unrelenting shame by their bretheren's actions. So their preachers and governments whip them up into a jew hating/us hating/israel hating frenzy. Because they are easier to control that way.

Sad. Really sad.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Mitzva Night said...

Anything to detract the attention from their own problems and issues that need sorting out closer to home. As long as Israel stays the whipping boy, eveything else can remain as it is.

At 2:37 AM, Blogger muman613 said...


Jews died on 9/11. I know this because my brother, a Jew, died on 9/11 while working in the World Trade Center tower #1 on the 105th floor for Cantor Fitzgerald. It angers me nearly to the point to tearing an arabs head off if they make such a statement.

I want JUSTICE to avenge the blood of my brother. I will be satisfied when Osamas head is on a pike.


At 6:39 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - you should blog an article written by one Barack Hussein Obama in 2001 in the Park Hyde newspaper in which he says terrorists' grievances need to be understood and the root cause of evil is deprivation that can be remedied with some social work. Liberals in America don't get it!


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