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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cheney: Russia supplying weapons to Hezbullah

US Vice President Dick Cheney told Israeli President Shimon Peres on Saturday that Russia is supplying weapons to Syria and Iran, 'knowing' that they will be transferred to terrorist groups like Hezbullah. The two met on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti forum in Lake Como, Italy.
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney met with President Shimon Peres on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti forum on the edge of Italy's Lake Como on Saturday, telling the Israeli leader that Russia is selling arms to Damascus and Iran with the clear knowledge that they are being channeled to Hezbollah and terror groups in Iraq.

The American vice president later reiterated these remarks in his address at the economic conference, saying that "Russian arms dealing in the Middle East has endangered the prospects for peace and freedom in the region." He added that the Russian leaders view democracy as a direct threat to their regime. Russia crossed a clear line when it invaded Georgia and attacked democracy and the rights of innocent civilians, Cheney said.
Anyone still expect Russia to play along and agree to sanctions against Iran? I didn't think so....


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