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Monday, March 10, 2008

What can I do?

Soccer Dad shared this letter with me that he received from his brother in Israel. "Yedidya" is Soccer Dad's nephew:
I am certain you are wondering how you can properly memorialize the victims of the Mercaz Harav terror attack. Yonadav Hirshfeld - Yedidya's roommate - was a grandson of Rabbi and Mrs. Aharon Batt. In addition to being involved in the Encyclopedia Talmudit, Rabbi Batt is one of the main sponsors of the Halacha/Mishna/Rambam Yomi calendar available in the Torah Tidbits and other places.

One of the aspects of Yonadav which his father mentioned is that he was always getting in an extra few minutes of learning.

In light of all this, a proper memorial for him and the other victims is to resolve to (Bli Neder - of course) add 5 minutes a day of Torah learning - in any of those few times during the day in which we find ourselves doing nothing.


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