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Monday, July 23, 2007

America's new jumbo bunker busters

DEBKA is reporting that the US's B-2 stealth bombers are going to be outfitted with "newly-developed 15-tonne Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs." The bombs are designed for hitting fortified underground targets - like the Iranian nuclear facility at Nantanz - and are 20% explosives and 80% metal. It is GPS guided and designed to bust a hole in any protective casing.

Israel's Rafael Armaments company has added a standalone precision guidance kit to its US-made SPICE air-to-ground missile. DEBKA has more about this kit:
This kit has been cleared for the US-made BLU-109 penetrator warhead, carried by Israeli warplanes, which is rated one of the top-line US weapons capable of hitting fortified targets from the air or warship.

Its effective drop range has been extended from 60km to 90km enabling Israeli warplanes to release the missile to target from outside enemy territory without being exposed to air defense fire.

The Israel-made PGM cannot be jammed since it does not depend on coordinates which can be falsified. After the targets are loaded into the bomb’s computer and dropped, it navigates and guides itself without pilot intervention and cannot therefore be diverted in mid-flight.
The unveiling of the two weapons is in response to satellite pictures showed new digging efforts in the mountains just outside Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility that has led analysts to believe that a tunnel complex is under development.


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