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Monday, January 22, 2007

A great idea, but not as 'new' as it is being made out to be

MK Rabbi Benny Elon and Rabbi Shlomo Aviner have proposed paying $50,000 - $100,000 to any 'Palestinian' who is willing to emigrate from Israel. The Jerusalem Post is billing this as a 'new' idea, but in fact, it was proposed by none other than Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D twenty-five years ago. Of course, the leftists of the world will not be happy with this idea, because it doesn't involve self-flagellation by Jews, as would most other ideas offered to bring 'peace' to Israel the piece by piece destruction of the Jewish state. I think this idea is one of the more humane ones I have seen.
"Those poor people have been suffering for six decades," said Elon. "I believe that if we give them the option of leaving they will grab it."

Elon said that he was astounded to discover that Palestinians who want to leave had difficulty getting to Ben-Gurion Airport, for security reasons.

Elon said many western countries, including Canada as well as some in South America, were open to immigrants, especially if they brought cash with them. He said he hoped to gain the cooperation of western countries for the program by emphasizing its humanitarian dimension.
Of course, the Arabs who are not living in 'refugee camps' or who are leaders of the 'Palestinian people' are opposed to any idea that does not continue to hold these people hostage:
MK Ibrahim Sarsour (United Arab List-Ta'al) called the proposal "satanic," "fascist," and "nearly Nazi."

"Palestine is an integral part of Waqf-administered sacred Islamic land," said Sarsour, who is also the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel. "It belongs to the Muslim people. Benny Elon and others like him will have to trample over our dead bodies to remove us from this place."

Sarsour said "Islam" was willing to normalize relations with a sovereign Israel within the Green Line. He said all Jews living in the West Bank or eastern Jerusalem must leave their homes or renounce Zionism and agree to second-class citizenship, without voting rights.

"But Elon is trying to push for the option of conflict and extinction of both peoples," he said.

Sarsour said "zealots" like Elon and Aviner had caused the destruction of the Second Temple, and that history could repeat itself.

"The weak do not stay weak forever, nor do the strong," Sarsour said.
All of which goes to show that Sarsour knows nothing about satanism, facism, nazism, and the destruction of the second Temple. The second Temple was destroyed due to baseless hatred among the Jewish people. I don't hear anything that indicates that Elon and Aviner have any hatred for any Jews. But it's nice to hear Sarsour acknowledging the existence of the second Temple, since other Arab and 'Palestinian' leaders (including Yasser Arafat) have attempted to deny its existence.


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