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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Israel as 'the Jewish quarter of an Arab town'

Point of No Return, a blog about the forgotten Jewish refugees from Arab lands, reports that the Arab League would like to return the Jews to dhimmitude.

Hat Tip: Dhimmi Watch
For Ahmed Benhelli [assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States CiJ], one must learn the lessons of the past – before the creation of the state of Israel – in order to resolve the current conflict. “Throughout their history, the Jews have lived in the Jewish quarter of the Arab town. They enjoyed all rights and respect as citizens and had the same duties, in an atmosphere of tolerance and harmony. There were many Jewish ministers, governors, scientists and craftsmen. (My emphasis -ed).

"The time has come for Israel to agree to live in proportion to its ‘size’‘, like the Jewish quarter of an Arab town, as befits History and natural logic, to live in a State ‘to scale’ with its numbers of inhabitants, its surface area as defined by UN resolutions, in peace and security among the states of the region. And to devote its human and material resources to construction, progress and prosperity instead of wars, tears, suffering and selfishness."
Read the whole thing.

Read the original article in French.


At 12:40 PM, Blogger westbankmama said...

Oh boy - it seems that the "uppity Jews" make the Arabs angry! What a surprise! /sarc


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