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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hezbullah on the web in Hebrew

I know you will all want to check this out. Please don't. For those who have forgotten, two months ago, I reported that Ahmadinadinnerjacket has a blog, and everyone who checked it out from Israel was given a virus as a gift. With that warning in mind, according to YNet, Hezbullah's Hebrew web site may be found here.
The site is stored at an Iranian address and offers a plunder of reports on the IDF, the political system (including updates on President Katsav’s situation), and negotiations with the Palestinians. The website’s name means resistance in Farsi.

The site was recently discovered by Dr. Mark Lest, a senior professor at the scientific engineering department at Ben Gurion University and head of a group dealing with terrorist websites.

According to a press release Hizbullah published in Tehran at the height of the second Lebanon war, and featured on the “Internet Protection” website, the goal of the site was to provide “around the clock information about the resistance of a Zionist invasion of Lebanon”.

The site was launched in July, and was only available in English, Arabic, and Farsi. However, it was recently translated into Hebrew as well.
I take no responsibility for any of you who go to check it out.


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