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Monday, February 27, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Watch - Dahlan denies report of plot to kill Hamas's Mashaal

Hmmm. Is there a 'Palestinian' civil war in the offing?

The Jerusalem Post is citing a report from an Egyptian magazine that Fatah strongman Muhammed Dahlan is denying involvement in an alleged plot to kill Hamas strongman Khaled Mashaal. Yes, the same Khaled Mashaal whose assassination the Mossad botched in the late 90's.

According to the report, in the Egyptian magazine al-Iz'ahwa al-Telfisyon (Radio and Television), Dahlan met with CIA and Israeli security officials in an Arab capital just before last month's Palestinian parliamentary election. The three-day meeting, the report said, was also attended by security officials from the host country.

The participants agreed on the need to assassinate Mashaal so as to weaken Hamas on the eve of the election, the magazine said. It added that Dahlan and all those who participated in the meeting pointed out that Mashaal had become a central figure in Hamas because he enjoyed the support of both the local and outside leadership of the movement.

The report claimed that the participants also agreed to step up pressure on Iran and Syria to cut off their relations with Hamas and to stop providing the movement with money.

The magazine said its source was one of the Palestinian security officers who participated in the alleged meeting. The officer, whose identity was not revealed, informed the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip of the secret meeting shortly after he returned home.

The magazine said that Hamas decided to beef up security arrangements around its leaders after learning from the officer about the alleged plot to assassinate Mashaal.

Although the magazine did not mention the venue of the alleged meeting, sources close to Hamas named Jordan as the host.

The report in the Egyptian magazine, which is normally described as reliable, has increased tensions between Hamas and Dahlan's Fatah party.

Copies of the report were distributed on Monday in some parts of the Gaza Strip by Hamas members in an attempt to discredit Dahlan.

Read the whole thing.


At 4:59 AM, Blogger Yoel.Ben-Avraham said...

Does not make a difference who does it, or even if he drops dead in the street from a heart attack (Please G-D!!!) ... we'll still get blamed!

But you know wht, who cares!


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