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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Palestinian film wins Golden Globe

Get your barf bags out for this one.

Palestinian film wins Golden Globe

Paradise Now, Palestinian director Hani Abu-Assad's film about suicide bombers, has been awarded the Golden Globe award for best foreign film.

The film tells the story of two teenagers who are enlisted for a suicide bombing mission in Israel. It beat out films from France, China and South Africa to win the award.

In his acceptance speech Abu- Assad thanked his staff, saying it was a landmark for the Palestinian nation on its way to equality and freedom.

The film has won a plethora of international prizes, including the "European Oscar" and best film award at the Holland film festival. Last month the screenplay won the European film academy award, and it has been nominated as the Palestinian entry for the Oscar's Best Foreign Film award.

In Israel the film has not been purchased by any distributor and has only been shown at Cinemateques – with limited success.

At least Israeli LLL's aren't flocking to see it....

(Update: 2:03 AM): At Little Green Footballs, Charles Johnson links to an article from Yahoo News which says that the 'Palestinians' aren't interested in seeing it because the bombers it portrays are not bloodthirsty enough:

Although the film — which snared the Golden Globe in Los Angeles on Monday — has never been screened in Nablus, residents here said the clips they saw on satellite television portrayed the bombers as godless and less than heroic.

“This movie doesn’t help the Palestinian cause,” said an armed Palestinian militant who would not give his name because he’s on the run. “People who go to carry out bombings do not hesitate so much.”


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