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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Official results: Hamas takes 76 PLC seats to Fatah's 43

It's official. Hamas won't even need a 'coalition.'

Preliminary but official results announced Thursday evening confirmed that Hamas swept Wednesday's Palestinian Legislative Council elections, defeating the ruling Fatah party by 76 seats to 43.

In the race for the national list, which constitutes 67 out of a total of 132 PLC seats, Hamas took 30 seats, edging ahead of Fatah's 27.

The remaining slots were reserved for district representatives. In the race for east Jerusalem's 6 seats, Hamas defeated Fatah by four to two. Hamas also swept the two largest districts, Hebron and Gaza City, taking all the seats.

The West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem were divided into 16 electoral districts. Candidates of the Fatah only won in the districts of Kalkilya and Jericho. In Ramallah, where Palestinian government is located, Hamas won four seats to Fatah's one.


Regarding its future diplomatic policy regarding Israel, a senior Hamas official said recognizing and negotiating with Israel are "not on our agenda."

However, Hamas also signaled flexibility, saying it wants a "political partnership," presumably with Fatah.

Let no one say that suicide bombings and other violence do not represent the will of the 'Palestinian people.'


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