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Saturday, January 28, 2006

'Hitler' Elected to 'Palestinian Parliament'

Over at Little Green Footballs, my friend Charles reports that 'Hitler' has been elected to the 'Palestinian Parliament.'

Of the 66 national seats, the terror factions took 60 (30 for HAMAS, 27 for FATAH, 3 for PFLP). The other six winners include former Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, former PA spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi, and former Presidential candidate Mustafa Barghouti.

Of the 60 local seats not reserved for Christians, HAMAS won 46. FATAH won ten, plus the six reserved seats. The remaining four seats went to “independents.”

HAMAS will have a stronger grip on the legislature than the Republicans do in either the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives. FATAH, with less than one third of the seats, is a weak minority party. Of the 132 legislators elected, no more than 10 are unaffiliated with a terror group.

What a 'people.' Let's give them a state reichlet! /sarc


At 9:34 AM, Blogger Ben F said...


Darn it, Carl, those are my words you're quoting! I much appreciated Charles Johnson spotlighting my comment, and am pleased that you did the same, but at least Charles gave me the hat tip! We lizardoid minions do appreciate recognition now and then.


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