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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Israel to Abu Mazen: Stop Funding Terrorists

This was released today by the Prime Minister's Office.

You should share it as much as possible on social media.

Let's go to the videotape.
It goes to the core of the question of whether there CAN be a 'peace process.' Right now, the answer is clearly 'no.'

And the Trump administration - unlike its predecessor - seems to get it:
If you want to stop terrorists, you shouldn’t be rewarding them or their families for their heinous acts.
The White House seems to get that: On Wednesday, Al-Quds reported that Team Trump will demand the Palestinian Authority end its practice of paying terrorists and their families and stop funding Hamas.
The demand is part of a White House plan to restart Israel-PA peace talks — the subject of a May 3 meeting between Trump and PA President Mahmoud Abbas.
Peace talks or not, Trump is right to demand an end to rewards for those who slaughter innocents. However fair Palestinians’ political gripes might be, it doesn’t justify terror.
Plus, as we’ve noted before, US taxpayers fund the PA — and they surely don’t want their cash rewarding terrorists.
Stopping those payments won’t be easy. The PA has dodged past efforts to halt them, and Abbas himself regularly encourages terror attacks.
 If only American Jews got it half as much as the White House does.

 In the meantime, there was yet another terror attack in Tel Aviv today....

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