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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Real Donald Trump

I have been back in Israel since late Tuesday night. Totally swamped with work, and therefore I have not posted.

I'd like to share a story that I heard in the US last week. I understand that it's been making the rounds in the yeshiva world there.

About ten years ago, a car got a flat tire - I think it was on the George Washington Bridge. An Orthodox Jew changed the tire. The driver of the car was grateful, and wanted to pay the Orthodox Jew a large sum of cash. The Jew refused to take any money, telling the driver that the Jewish people's job in this world to perform acts of kindness for other people. 

When the Jew went to pay his mortgage the next month, the bank sent back his check, saying that the mortgage had been paid off. Thinking there was a mistake, the Jew went to the bank, which was quite definite about the fact that the mortgage had been paid.

The driver of that car with the flat tire had taken down the license plate number of the Jew who changed his tire, found out who owned the car, and went and paid off his mortgage. The driver of the car with the flat tire was Donald Trump.

I can't confirm whether this story is true (but apparently it has gained credibility in the yeshivas in the US over the last couple of years), so here's something else to think about: Donald Trump's daughter converted to Judaism by an Orthodox Rabbi and married the scion of a New Jersey real estate family that is known in the Jewish community for its charitable deeds (Kushner Academy in Caldwell, New Jersey was founded by Jared Kushner's family). Both of Donald Trump's sons are married to Jewish women. ALL of Donald Trump's grandchildren are Jewish.

How many of the Jews who say terrible things about Donald Trump can say that all of their grandchildren are or will be Jewish?

Think about that.

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At 3:13 PM, Blogger Shtrudel said...

How many of the Jews who say terrible things about Donald Trump even CARE whether ANY of their grandchildren are or will be Jewish?!...

At 11:47 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Among other things, Trump gave $10,000 to a yeshiva in Jerusalem that was going to have to close its doors.

See Carl, I told you he was a good guy!

At 4:45 AM, Blogger in the vanguard said...

This story I heard several times, all variations more or less the same. Limousine, stuck, long time before tow-truck could come, Chassid offers help, changes tire himself, offered pay, refuses, says send Shabbos flowers to wife, and the next thing he knows his mortgage is paid.

There are now a few stories where Trump donated to Jewish causes, like did his dad.

I too have a personal story, but it's of his son-in-law. I tell it here:

You can see that kindness runs in the Trump family!


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