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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trump and Pence to speak out at Jerusalem rally against #UNESCO_Lies, but not at Aish HaTorah

The Republican party is looking for a new location for a Jerusalem rally at which candidates Donald Trump and Mike Pence will speak via satellite, after Aish HaTorah backed out of hosting it.
Aish HaTorah rejected a request by the Republican Party to host a rally with speeches by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence next Wednesday after The Jerusalem Post reported exclusively that the event would be held on the organization's rooftop over-looking the Western Wall.

Trump and Pence agreed to speak via satellite at the rally which was billed as an event calling for the strengthening of Jerusalem following UNESCO's controversial decision about the city.

"We decided not to do the event, because Aish is a non-profit that doesn't get involved in partisan politics," Aish director general Rabbi Steven Burg told the Post.

Burg said Aish would do its own event in response to UNESCO "because the real issue is an unjust decision trying to erase the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount." Burg posted The Jerusalem Post article about the rally on Facebook explaining that Aish has decided not to host the event.
He said that he had received protest letters. There was also an outcry on Twitter.
 Maybe Trump should just come here and visit the Kotel (Western Wall). That's what Romney did.

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At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump won't visit the Wall, because it's bigger than he is. (Physically, not to mention symbolically and spiritually.)


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