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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Israelis win a different kind of Olympic medal

Israelis may have won only two bronze medals (still a significant achievement for a small country) at the Rio Summer Olympic games, but they've brought home 14 medals in a different kind of Olympic competition.
While almost all eyes were focused on the Rio Olympics in August, four other Olympiads were taking place in the science arena around the world. And Israel’s students brought home 14 medals from the International Science Olympiads.
The latest Olympiad competition was a two-day computer science contest in Russia. Israel won silver and bronze medals.
The International Science Olympiads are worldwide annual competitions in different areas of science. Four to six of the best high school students from each participating country take part in the contests.
In the past month, Israeli students have won the two medals in computer science, six medals in math, four in physics, and two in chemistry.
 We've always been much better at brains than brawn.

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At 8:06 PM, Blogger Shtrudel said...

Brawn without brains is pretty useless!...


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