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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Iranian nuclear scientist who defected to US and returned is executed

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

Nearly seven years ago, Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri defected to the United States. Once his presence in the United States was confirmed, Amiri's family in Iran was threatened, leading to his return to his home country. Amiri was promptly arrested and tortured, and then charged with treason. This evening, the BBC is reporting that Amiri was executed. He was 39.
Shahram Amiri's mother said the body of her son had been returned to their hometown with rope marks around his neck, showing that he had been hanged.
He was later buried. Amiri had been held at a secret location after returning from the US, where he said he had been forcibly taken by the CIA.
Some reports say he had in-depth knowledge of Iran's nuclear programme.

Mr Amiri, who was born in 1977, went missing after taking a pilgrimage to Mecca in 2009.
He surfaced in the US a year later saying he had been kidnapped and put under "intense psychological pressure to reveal sensitive information" by the CIA.
In a video recording - apparently made in the US - he said: "They took me to a house located somewhere that I didn't know. They gave me an anaesthetic injection."
In another video he claimed he had escaped from US custody. He returned to Tehran in 2010 to a hero's welcome.
US officials told the BBC at the time that Mr Amiri had defected of his own free will and provided "useful information" to the US.
He was later reported to have been given a long prison sentence after his return to Tehran.
His family confirmed at the time that he had been detained and told the BBC that they feared for his life.
Something tells me that Amiri's widow got part of that $400 million in cash that Obama gave to the Iranians. I've suspected all along that she was the reason for his return to Iran. And you will note that none of the more recent reports about him even mention her trying to see him - only his parents. Nice woman, eh?

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At 10:44 AM, Blogger josef said...

It is really sickening.
what Government is worse, the Iranian
or the USA's?
Really not sure though I despise the


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