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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Report: AIPAC trying to weaken pro-Israel language in 2016 GOP platform

Just yesterday, I reported that AIPAC had attempted to weaken the 2012 Republican platform statement on Israel to put it more in line with the Democrats. (Why would they do that? Go to that link to find out).

The statement above is from the Republican platform committee for the 2016 convention, and was adopted by a 14-2 vote. But according to the statement's author, South Carolina state representative Alan Clemmons, AIPAC is attempting to weaken the statement once again.
Later in the day Mr. Clemmons wrote the following warning on his Facebook page:
I was honored to propose a strong Israel Plank of the GOP Platform today in National Security and Defense Subcommittee, where my proposal to strike the existing language and replace it with my language passed overwhelmingly (14-2). My amendment recognizes “Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state” and respects Israel’s sovereignty in negotiating lasting peace in the region. It also opposes “any measures intended to impose an agreement or dictate borders”.
Thank you to all my many partners who helped me vet this language, particularly my old friend and partner Joseph Sabag of Israel Allies Foundation, my new partner Jeff Ballabon of Iron Dome Alliance, and Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman who are both senior advisors of the Trump campaign!

Unfortunately, the saga is not over. The rumor is that AIPAC is trying to recruit surrogates on the Committee to oppose and weaken our strong Israel Plank language tomorrow when it comes before the full committee for approval. If you know any Platform Delegates please send them a note to STAND STRONG FOR ISRAEL!!!
After reading Mr. Clemmons Facebook post, I was able to contact another person involved with the committee who told me that they too heard that AIPAC is working on a full court press to roll back the 2016 GOP language.
Here's hoping that Jeff Ballabon's Iron Dome Alliance (which you should like if you are on Facebook) turns itself into a Right leaning pro-Israel lobby after the Presidential election. It's long past time.

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