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Friday, July 01, 2016

Bibi Baby what took you so long? Netanyahu to finally cut off terrorist 'salaries'

If you find it incredible that the United States and the European Union have long been supporting a 'Palestinian Authority' budget that includes 'salaries' to imprisoned and 'martyred' terrorists, please consider this: Money is fungible. Israel also gives money to the 'Palestinian Authority' and is therefore also supporting 'Palestinian' terrorism. Today - finally - after yet another terror attack, Prime Minister Netanyahu has taken the first tentative steps in changing that equation.
The deceased man was named as named as Miki Mark, director of a nearby yeshiva, and the Ynet news site reported that he was a cousin of Mossad chief Yossi Cohen.
Hospital staff said a 40-year-old woman was seriously wounded, a 14-year-old girl suffered moderate-to-severe wounds, and a 15-year-old boy was lightly wounded. The wounded are believed to be his wife and children.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered after the attack that "the entire amount of support for terrorists and their families be deducted from the tax revenues that Israel transfers monthly to the Palestinian Authority" to counteract money transfers from the Palestinian Authority commonly given to attackers' families.
Yes, but money is fungible, and clearly paying terrorist salaries is a priority for the 'Palestinians.' The only way to stop it is for all governments everywhere to cut off all aid to the 'Palestinian Authority' until the terrorist salaries stop. That won't happen. But this is at least a first step.

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