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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stone Throwing = Attempted Murder: If you try to kill us, we will kill you first

Four 'Palestinian' 'youths' poured oil onto Route 443 on a steep downhill stretch early this morning, and then threw stones and firebombs at passing cars. The cars, although damaged (see above), managed to make it to the Maccabim checkpoint near Modiin and tip off the IDF. The IDF confronted the stone throwers, killing one, critically wounding another, and arresting the other two.
Two tourists and one Israeli were lightly wounded Tuesday morning after a group of Palestinians threw stones at their vehicle on Route 443, near the West Bank village of Beit Sira and the Israeli city of Modi'in.

Israeli forces at the scene shot dead one of the alleged Palestinian stone-throwers and critically wounded another. The wounded assailant has been taken to Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem. Two additional Palestinians suspected of involvement in the incident were arrested.
It goes without saying that the 'Palestinian Authority' is telling a different story. A bunch of lies.
The Palestinian Authority identified the slain Palestinian as Mahmoud Rafat Mahmoud, a 15-year-old from the village of Beir Ur al-Tahta, west of Ramallah.  Abdul Karim Kassem, head of the village's local council of the Palestinian village of Beit Ore-Tahta, told Reuters that the wounded Palestinians were in a car "returning from a pool in a village near us when they came under fire."

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, four Palestinians were wounded by Israeli fire, three of them seriously. Three of the wounded Palestinians were taken to a medical center in Ramallah, while the other remains hospitalized at Ein Karem. Two of the wounded are brothers, according to sources in the village.
The car with the windows blown out kind of puts the lie to the 'Palestinians' story.

Route 443, which I have discussed many times on this blog, is a back road that runs between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The main road, Route 1, is currently under construction (widening) and the result is that a lot more people are using Route 443 at night. The tourists may have been on their way to the airport - many people use the road during the night to get to the airport, where one of the busiest times of day is between 5:00 and 6:00 am.

I generally use that road myself to get to and from the airport. I also use it to get to the Modiin region. I was last on it around Midnight on Sunday night.

Beir Ur al-Tahta is toward the bottom of a very steep downhill, a kilometer or two away from the Maccabim checkpoint. It sounds like the stones were thrown on the side heading toward the airport and Tel Aviv. Here's another picture that makes that clearer.

Glad no one hesitated to open fire on these terrorists.

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At 12:01 AM, Blogger free` said...

Using the term "stones" is a huge propaganda trap. These are huge rocks. When someone reads or hears "stones" they imagine small pieces of stone. Looking at the posted picture you can see these "stones", some are the size of cinder blocks.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger NancyB said...

Totally agree with you, Free. This has bothered me for a long time - they never throw stones! Terminology matters.

At 2:24 AM, Blogger DMD said...

Kill them all and feed them to the pigs!!! דמד


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