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Thursday, April 14, 2016

My mysterious destination

Greetings from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (yes, really) to which for reasons that should be obvious to all of you I did not want to say I was going. This post is not going to go live until after I have taken off again.

The good news is that according to the security personnel I asked, the bomb threat on Tuesday night was a 'crazy person' and not Islamist terror like that pictured above. Of course, that doesn't explain why 20 people have been arrested in connection with that threat....

Thankfully, I am heading home from here.

Would you believe that a tiny bottle of water here (I don't think it's even half a liter) is 2.55 Euros? Ouch.

By the way, the Brussels flight from Philadelphia last night was canceled (at least the one on the airline I flew).

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