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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Maybe she's on to something... but not for the reasons she thinks: SUNY Plattsburgh prof compares 'Israeli apartheid' to campus rape

An Israeli-born professor (link in Hebrew) of Gender and Women's Studies at the State University of Plattsburgh has compared 'Israeli apartheid' to campus rape in an interview with the online publication Alternet.

The Professor's name is Simona (Sima) Sharoni. Her academic credentials are here. This is from the second of the three links above.
Sharoni, a professor at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh in the Gender and Women's Studies Department, said that both the conflict and campus sexual assault feature institutionalized disparity of power as a linchpin.

Sharoni articulated that the pro-Israel narrative embraces a victim-blaming narrative akin to "she was asking for it" allegations common in rape culture. "The assumption that Palestinians bring the violence on themselves...it's similar to telling a survivor that it's what she was wearing," Sharoni said.

Additionally, she asserted that supporters of Israel engage in a behavior analogous to discrediting rape victims in their repudiation of Palestinian claims.

"Palestinians are not believed, which is the same with survivors [of sexual assault]. It's very similar to saying, 'No, he's actually a nice guy,' about a man accused of rape," Aharoni remarked.

The professor concluded her interview by explaining that drawing parallels between campus rape and the "Israeli apartheid" is strategically advantageous for both the BDS movement as well as sexual assault survivors groups because it serves as "a means to an end...to create a just and equal society."
Well, Israel's treatment of 'Palestinians' does have something in common with campus rapes. It's widely exaggerated in the media, and the media reports about it (as well as the crimes themselves) are often based on lies by people who want to create abuse that doesn't exist. Often, both are based on fiction.

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