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Friday, April 01, 2016

Don't be surprised: 50 ISIS supporters work as baggage handlers in Brussels

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but for reasons I will explain later in this post, it doesn't surprise me at all. Quoting Brussels police, London's Daily Mail report that there at least 50 ISIS supporters working as baggage handlers at Brussels Airport.
In an astonishing open letter, the officers said they have warned about the terrorist sympathisers whose security badges give them access to planes, but they remain employed.
The airport police, who are threatening to go on strike because of security deficiencies, also said they have raised the issue of terrorists scouting the airport to plan possible attacks.
The extraordinary claims come after the Mail reported how the family of two of the bombers involved in the attacks last week said they had worked as cleaners at the airport.
‘Some people suspected of having fought in Syria came to the airport as “false tourists”.
We reported their presence but we do not know if anything was done with that information,’ the airport police wrote in their letter.
The officers said they had raised suspicions about certain staff members including those who apparently celebrated after the Paris attacks in November that killed 130 people.
‘When we checked these people, we were surprised more than once. It was men with a radical ideology and a long police history,’ the officers continued.
‘Even today, there are at least 50 supporters of the Islamic state who work at the airport. They have a security badge and have access to the cockpit of a plane.
‘In the past, a number of people had their badges revoked because they had IS sympathies. But clearly not everyone, especially in store personnel, cleaning services and baggage where we find the most suspicious people.’
Police raised concerns about inadequate security at the airport just four days before the attack took place.
The Belgian police union, NSPV, told the interior ministry on Friday 18 March that they would go on strike unless it was improved.
A disaster waiting to happen, God Forbid. So why am I not surprised at it? Long time readers may remember this story. I've mentioned many times on this blog my July 2003 conversation with an El Al security person at London's Heathrow Airport, who told me that since Heathrow employees were involved in a suicide bombing at Mike's Place in Tel Aviv in April 2003, El Al no longer trusts Heathrow security.

It's not just Heathrow. Until recently - and they may yet go back to it - if you arrived in Europe from the US on an American or European airline and you were connecting to El Al to go to Israel, you had to go down to the tarmac, claim your bags, open them and confirm to the security people that nothing had changed since you checked them in. 

Two days after the Brussels attacks, I flew home to Israel from San Francisco. I won't say where I changed on the way, but I had about four hours in a European airport before boarding an El Al flight. I happened to sit down near my flight's gate before it was even posted, and I could hear El Al security speaking very conspicuously in Hebrew to someone down on the tarmac before the equipment arrived. It was clear to me that El Al is still doing its own security in Europe. I did not have to claim my bags in Europe.

So why do the Europeans tolerate the Islamists? Victor Davis Hanson explains.
Many Westerners are more scared of being labeled as illiberal or nativist than they are of being unsafe. 
Islamic terrorists sense that Westerners are increasingly materialist rather than spiritual. Europeans in particular are becoming more secular. Their birthrates are declining. And they seem to believe more in satisfying their appetites than in finding transcendence through children and religion.
As a result, jihadists trust that they can cull a handful of Westerners every few weeks from an otherwise indifferent herd. Their only challenge is to keep the harvest of Westerners down to a few dozen and not to get greedy in their bloodlust.
Terrorists seem to believe that as long as they avoid another 9/11-like massacre, they can continue to take lives and insidiously weaken the West without awakening it from its morally indifferent slumber.
And they may be right.
And the American elites are similar to the European ones. 'Westerners' includes both Americans and Europeans. Read the whole thing.

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At 4:09 AM, Blogger jlevyellow said...

Victor Hanson is quite insightful, but in this case I would say he is right perhaps 15-20%. The other 80+% of why Muslims are tolerated is because of Leftist ideology and inclination. Leftist are secular by definition and believe with full heart that differences between people result in war. The proper tactic is to integrate all peoples. The choice of Muslims as a favorite ingredient for the melange is to counteract the taste of Christian influence. The birth pangs of the integration of Muslims and Christians is expected and must be suffered for the goal of full mixing of the cultures. For the Leftists every other reason for accepting the Muslims is just icing on the cake. Believe anything you want as long as the mixing is supported.

At 7:01 AM, Blogger InMemoryOf Yossi said...

Jlevyellow, sorry, but I disagree. Literals live in Lala Land, where everything is rainbows and unicorns. They honestly believe that if you live and accept everyone, they will live and accept you back. They are the ones who are honestly bewildered why a robber would shoot them after they handed over all their money. They are the ones who blame us realists who completely understand that you "can't co-exist with someone who wants to kill you" because they do not understand that concept at all. You can't talk logic to these morons. They live in their own world. Seriously. They accept no responsibility for their own failings .... It's always someone else's fault. In this case, it's the right wing's fault for not unconditionally loving the terrorists and not accepting their differences that is causing them to continue to kill. They won't wake up until it's too late or they themselves lose someone dear to them.


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