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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

And again: It's a travel day

Greetings from Ben Gurion Airport, where the Histadrut (may they dissolve speedily and in our times) has ruined my night's sleep by calling a general strike. The strike postponed my 7:35 am departure to 6:05 pm, which means I would miss my European connection. So my travel agent got me on the 10:00 am flight, which is leaving at 5:00 am. That's less than an hour from now, and I'm actually going to the gate in a few minutes.

In the meantime, within the last hour, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon caved to the blackmailers (as all of his predecessors have done) and reached a deal which gives them even more taxpayer money. So this is also going to cost my pocket.

The Histadrut has to be the only labor federation in the world that still strikes without a strike vote, and can shut down the entire country. Back in the late 90's Haim Ramon (you can search that name in the blog) became head of the Histadrut with the goal of shutting it down. Along the way, he lost interest, and he was replaced by Amir 'Comrade' Peretz (the name should tell you enough, but you can search that one in the blog too), who brought the organization back to its former 'glory.'

I hate the Histadrut. Not just because I'm a political conservative, but because I've never seen a group of government workers that's more sleazy and self-interested. When I worked in government (yes, I did from 1994-98) we used to have a collection for everyone to throw out their requests to join together. Every professional in the agency refused to join.... 

Have to go board my plane and get some sleep, but since I now have five hours in Europe instead of 2.5, I should have more from there.

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Safe travels.


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