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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hassan Nasrallah pays a shiva call... to a 'Palestinian' terrorist's father

Shavua Tov and a good week to everyone from New York City (okay, one of the boroughs).

Hezbullah chieftain Hassan Nasrallah paid a shiva (condolence) call by phone on Saturday to the family of Asharqat Katani. Katani was a 16-year old 'Palestinian' terrorist who was neutralized after attempting to stab Israelis at a hitchhiking post in Samaria this past week.
According to the Hezbollah-affiliated satellite television station Al-Meyadeen, Nasrallah told the woman's father that his daughter reminded the Lebanese Shi'ite leader of his son, Hadi, who was killed in battle with IDF soldiers in Lebanon in 1997.

A portion of the conversation between Nasrallah and the Palestinian father was aired on Al-Meyadeen. At the end of their phone call, Nasrallah asked if there was anything he could do for the family.

The father responded that he would be pleased if Nasrallah mentioned his daughter's name during his next speech. The Hezbollah leader agreed to do so.
Too bad Nasrallah did not offer to resettle the family in Lebanon. 

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