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Friday, November 27, 2015

11-year old 'Palestinian' wanted to die a 'martyr'

Three weeks ago, two 'Palestinian' cousins, aged 14 and 11, got on a Jerusalem tram and stabbed a security guard with scissors.

Let's go to the videotape.

The 11-year old has told police that he wanted to die a 'martyr.'
The 11-year-old, a sixth grader from Shuafat, is the youngest assailant arrested to date in the current upsurge of Palestinian terrorism. He is too young to face charges under current Israeli law; the 14-year-old is facing charges of attempted murder.
In their interrogation, the two children said they carried out the attack as an act of revenge, without planning in advance and with no encouragement from any adults.
“I met my cousin at the entrance to school,” said the 11-year-old, who was not named.
He said they decided to revenge the death of their relative, Muhammad Ali, also from Shuafat, who was shot dead as he tried to stab a Border Police officer near the Damascus Gate of the Old City on October 10.
“The headmistress refused to let us in because our parents had not paid tuition. My cousin told me that on the way to school he wanted to carry out a stabbing attack but did not succeed because all the travelers were senior citizens,” said the boy.
The 14-year-old allegedly convinced his younger cousin to carry out an attack. The two first boarded a bus and looked for the opportune moment and target.
“We travelled from Shuafat to Damascus Gate in order to stab a soldier but did not do it because the soldiers were in groups and we didn’t find one standing alone,” recalled the 11-year-old. “Then he told me ‘let’s do an attack together to revenge the death of Muhammad Ali.’ He opened his bag and showed me the knife. At Damascus Gate I bought a pair of scissors and then we boarded the light rail and looked for Jews to stab.”
Two light rail security guards boarded the train, but the boys decided “not to stab them because there were two of them. Later on one of them got off and we immediately attacked the one that remained.”
“I stabbed him in his head, my cousin stabbed him in his chest and stomach until the guard pushed me and fired three bullets in my stomach,” said the 11-year-old.
The two cousins had decided they were ready to die as shahids, or martyrs, he said. The younger one said in the interrogation that none of their family members knew about their intentions.
My youngest son (son #5, child number 8) is an 11-year old 6th grader. He was raised differently.... 

This type of behavior is the result of incitement in the official 'Palestinian' media. It's being paid for by you, me, and anyone else who pays taxes to a country that supports the 'Palestinian Authority.' It is long past high time that the 'Palestinian Authority' and its leader, Abu Bluff, pay a price for their support of terrorism by incitement in the media.

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At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: incitement in the Palestinian media - and the boys' parents not knowing (which is certainly possible)

Please allow this pre-Baby Boomer to shift to a totally different level.

Change the behavior to d*mned near anything weird and destructive, and the location to "Peoria", to use a mid-20th Century catch-word.

We have a potentially catastrophic cultural crisis brewing.

The effects of the Popular Media of the Fifties helped create the intellectual and moral licentiousness which began in the Sixties. Multiply those forces by the ubiquitous reach and immediate impact of Social Media.

Go figure where at least a significant percentage of America's children may be headed (and good luck on getting to sleep tonight.)


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