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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hamas behind Beersheva bus terminal attack?

The police investigation into last week's Beersheva bus terminal attack has concluded that the terrorist was in contact with Hamas for months before the attack.
Investigators working the case found that before the attack – during which Muhand al-Uqbi, a 21-year-old native of Hura, shot and killed IDF soldier Omri Levi and wounded several other Israelis – al-Uqbi had been in contact with Hamas for a long period of time before the attack and that on his phone he had pictures of Hamas members, weapons, and other materials.

That information came to light in a statement put out by the Negev police on Sunday, as they presented a pre-indictment motion against al-Uqbi’s brother, who will be charged with failing to prevent a crime, after investigators determined that he knew his brother had acquired a pistol and was “going through a process of radicalization due to the events on the Temple Mount and did not report it.”


According to police, last Sunday at 7:24 pm, al-Uqbi – armed with a handgun - slipped into the bus station by way of an entryway next to the McDonald’s at the station. Moments later Levi passed through the same entrance and al-Uqbi began to follow him, police said, in order to kill him and steal his assault rifle.

Police said al-Uqbi then saw Levi head towards a bathroom at the station and he followed the soldier into the bathroom, pulled out his pistol, shot him dead at point blank range and stole his rifle.

After stealing the rifle, al-Uqbi opened fire at a group of police officers who heard the gunshot and were on their way to the bathroom. He then fled towards the dumpsters behind the station, where he was shot by YASSAM special patrol officers.

Next to his body a knife was found, but it was not used in the attack, police said.
Bottom line:  Al-Uqbi was in touch with Hamas for months and one can only assume that he received logistical support and maybe weapons from them. Lest anyone still think these are random attacks.

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