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Monday, September 21, 2015

#ThanksObama Highly confident of sanctions being lifted, Iran ups funding to Hezbullah and Hamas

Given the very lax standards to which Iran is apparently not being held, it is not surprising that the Mullahcracy is highly confident that sanctions against it will be officially lifted by the December 15 deadline for doing so. Iran has already started to spend its windfall on its favorite terrorist organizations: Hezbullah and Hamas (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
Since the deal was signed, Iran has significantly increased its financial support for two of the largest terror groups in the region that have become political players, Hamas and Hezbollah. In the years before the deal was signed, the crippling sanctions limited this support, which had significantly diminished along with Iran’s economy. But Tehran’s belief that tens, or hundreds, of billions of dollars will flow into the country in the coming years as a result of sanctions relief has led to a decision to boost the cash flow to these terror organizations.
This support, for example, has enabled Hezbollah to obtain highly developed new armaments, including advanced technologies that many militaries around the world would envy. Al-Rai, a Kuwaiti newspaper, reported Saturday that Hezbollah has received all the advanced weaponry that Syria has obtained from the Russians. The report cited a security source involved in the fighting in Zabadani, on the Syria-Lebanon border, where Hezbollah is fighting the al-Nusra Front, the Islamic State, and other groups. It is evidently the growing Iranian financial support that is enabling the Lebanese Shiite militia to purchase advanced weapons, including ones that were hitherto outside of its reach.
The increased Iranian financial support for Hezbollah in the wake of the deal is not unrelated to other political developments in the region. The growing sense of security in Iran with regard to its political status has also been bolstered by a Russian decision to increase its involvement in Syria, and may be what drove Iran to send hundreds of members of its Revolutionary Guard Corps to play an active role in the Syria fighting. Iran, along with Hezbollah and Moscow, has decided to dispatch sizable forces to the Syrian front in the past few weeks to prevent the collapse of Bashar Assad’s regime.
Today, Iran is the main, and likely only, power attempting to build terror cells to fight Israel on the Syrian Golan Heights, in areas under Assad’s control. This does not mean that the Syrian president is aware of these attempts or green-lighted them. But for Israel, that does not matter. Tehran is investing more effort and money after the nuclear deal to carry out attacks against Israel from the Golan, even under Assad’s nose.
As regards the Palestinians, in the past two months, Iran has sent suitcases of cash – literally – to Hamas’s military wing in Gaza. Not everyone is happy about this, including some Hamas officials. Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, who was always the man who controlled the money, has found himself outside the circle of Iranian funding over the summer. Tehran, which was none too pleased by his visit to Saudi Arabia and meeting with King Salman, decided to take revenge on him in an original way. It bypassed Mashaal and has handed over the suitcases, by way of couriers, directly to the leaders of the group’s military wing in the Gaza Strip.
As you might recall, Meshaal is not in Gaza - he's in Qatar.

So Israel is facing new and improved terror organizations on both its northern and southern fronts, thanks to the 'most pro-Israel administration evah.' #ThanksObama. And thanks to the Senate Democrats who prevented even a resolution of disapproval from coming to a vote. May you all rot in hell. 

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At 10:15 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Should we also thank the Israeli Gaia/Google $lu$h Munchers, who continue to play a starring theatrical role in perpetuating the Anti-Carbon Fraud... which is tanking life for the poor in the U.S. and around the world? Given that the UN Gaia Conference is coming up, it sure would be a treat to hear a high brain Israeli scientist point out, loudly and publicly, that the data from the NASA satellites have broken the modeled correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature. WHEN WILL THEY DO THAT?


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