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Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's come to this: Egypt may spend $1+ billion in US aid money on Russian helicopters

It's come to this.... In March, US President Hussein Obama restored some $1.5 billion in aid money to Egypt. Now, Egypt may be spending $1+ billion of that money on 30 Russian-made Ka-52K helicopters (Hat Tip: MFS - The Other News).
Russian state-run arms trader Rosoboronexport and the Russian Helicopters holding are engaged in consultations with their Egyptian partners concerning a possible acquisition of Kamov Ka-52 'Katran' ship-based helicopters for the two Mistral-class helicopter carriers, originally built for Russia, that Egypt has agreed to buy from France, a source in an organization linked with arms exports told Interfax-AVN.
"Indeed, such consultations are in progress. They deal with a possible acquisition by Cairo of some 30 Ka-52K 'Katran' ship-based helicopters that were initially supposed to be placed on board the French helicopter carriers and are 100 percent adapted for these ships," the source said.
"The price of the contract will stand at over $1 billion," he added.
More on the deal
"Moscow will not impede this deal [the provision of the Mistral-class helicopter carriers to Egypt] and is ready to offer Egypt the shipborne helicopters developed specially for these vessels," the source told Interfax.
He added that a flexible payment system is possible here, including the provision of a loan to buy the helicopters.
The Ka-52K is a shipborne helicopter based on the all-weather Ka-52 combat helicopter Alligator. It has two modernized VK-2500 engines (each has a capacity of 2,400 hp). The forebody contains a two-seat cockpit containing new generation equipment. The pilots' seats are equipped with ejection mechanisms. The shipborne helicopter has folding blades.
On August 5, the presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Francois Hollande of France made a final decision on the future of the two helicopter carriers that the sides had tried to make for almost a year. On that day over €1 billion in compensation was transferred to a settlement account in one of the banks and then to the Russian Federal Treasury (€950 million for the refusal to supply the vessels and €67.5 million for the garboards).
On September 23, the French paper La Tribune reported, citing its sources, that an Egyptian delegation was having negotiations on the purchase of the Mistral-class helicopter carriers and Gowind corvettes. The Elysee Palace later confirmed it.
I guess the Russians need the money. After all, they didn't just get $100 billion in sanctions relief.

 Maybe Obama ought to pay off the Russians? It's faster than growing....

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At 7:08 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Meanwhile 75% of all US aid to Israel must be spent, by law, in the US on US firms purchasing US made goods and services. And THEY'RE the bad guys?


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