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Monday, September 07, 2015

Abu Mazen solves his succession problem

'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, now in the 10th year of his four-year term, has found a solution to his 'succession problem' - his inability to let anyone else take over. Abu plans to disband the 'Palestinian Authority,' hand responsibility for supporting its people back to Israel, and then complain that he is the head of an 'occupied state.'
Dr. Ahmed Majdalani, a senior PA official and member of the Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee, told the Palestinian news agency Ma’an in an interview published Sunday that Palestinian leaders were considering the drastic move in light of the failure of those agreements to bring about a Palestinian state.
The Palestinian National Council is set to meet in mid-September to discuss the Palestinians’ next move in the stalled peace talks. One option favored by many, reports suggest, is to announce the cancellation of the Oslo accords begun in 1992, as well as the 1994 Sharm el Sheikh agreement and a later “Paris agreement,” which together establish PA authority over Palestinian civilian and security affairs, and regulate economic relations between the PA and Israel.
Abbas is reportedly slated to announce the decision in his speech at the UN General Assembly later this month. He will note in the speech that the UNGA recognized a “state of Palestine” in 2012. He will argue that Israel has failed to abide by the existing accords by failing to establish a Palestinian state, and that therefore the Palestinians were no longer bound by the agreements.
Palestine, Abbas is expected to declare, is an established state under occupation.
The Oslo Accords never dictated a 'Palestinian state.' They called for the parties to negotiate a permanent solution, something Israel has been trying to do ever since without preconditions. But let him go ahead and cancel them, and then we can start expelling all the terrorists. 

Isn't it amazing that with everything else that's going on in the world, they still find the time for this clown? I wonder why....

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