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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Where are the 'Jewish terrorists'?

The father of the Arab child who died in a firebomb attack on his home in Duma died himself this morning. Israel has made a lot of noise about arresting 'Jewish terrorists' and yet to date, no one has been charged with the attack in Duma, and rumors continue to swirl about the victimized family being involved in a long-standing feud within the local community.

This is from the second link.
The ZOA issued a statement that says in effect, don't be so fast to blame the Jews. They note several very strong points:
1. The victims' family have been involved in a blood-feud with an opposing clan for the last 18 years;
2. The two homes set on fire were in the center of a hostile Arab village – an unlikely choice for Israelis entering from outside the village. It would have been extremely difficult for Israeli Jews to reach and then to depart from the center of a hostile Arab village without being detected.
3. Similar graffiti has never been found in radical Jewish "price-tag" attacks.
And, in adding my own doubts, what hit-man has the time to stand around and compose graffiti on the walls, complete with drawing crowns and Stars of David? In fact, the Star of David in the above photo looks very much like the type you'd see in Arab anti-Semitic cartoons.
Israel's secret services are very capable. A professional graphologist can discern quite a bit from the above two writings on the walls. Even a novice like me can tell you that the crooked kuf in nekama [above]  is indicative of a person with extremely violent tendencies, one who has probably harmed people before. Without a doubt, a professional could shed much light on the perpetrator's profile; that is, if the Israeli Government really wants the truth.
The first two points were both discussed at great length here.

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At 1:12 AM, Blogger יונתן said...

I'm surprised more was not made of the second graffiti, “Yehi Hamelekh HaMashiah.” Even my 7 year old knows that's a Chabad thing, so...what's the deal? Seems way too random to be real...


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