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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Terror in Samaria and how the 'Palestinians' react to it

Three Israelis have been injured, two seriously, when a 'Palestinian' terrorist rammed his car into them while they were standing at a hitchhiking post in Samaria on Route 60 near Shilo.
Our Prime Minister is wondering why those who condemned last week's terror attack on a 'Palestinian' family in Duma are silent regarding this attack.
The Prime Minister immediately commended the swift actions of the IDF who responded to the attack and wished the injured a speedy recover.

He once again called on the international community to condemn this attack and the one earlier in the week when an Israeli vehicle was firebombed in east Jerusalem. The US did condemn the Jerusalem attack.

Netanyahu said, “I find it strange that those who were quick to condemn terrorism against Palestinians are silent when the terrorism is directed at Jews.”
 Fortunately, there is hope. Netanyahu is not the only one who finds it strange. Right, Mr. Tawil?

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