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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shirley Temper 'rescues' her brother from the IDF, Papa is proud

Do you all remember Shirley Temper (real name Ahed Tamimi, and yes, from that Tamimi clan)? On Friday, Shirley and her mother attacked yet another IDF soldier to prevent them from arresting her little brother for throwing stones at soldiers.
The opening shots show a partially-masked soldier with a rifle in his hand running after the boy, Muhammad Tamimi, across an empty brown hillside filled with rocks and a few scattered olive trees.

The soldier catches Muhammad from behind and places him in a choke-hold. Muhammad screams and begins crying. The soldier pushes Muhammad onto a rock and lies on top of him, as a young female activist with a gas mask in one hand tries to pull the boy away.

The soldier pushes her back and tells her to leave the boy alone. Muhammad’s left arm can be seen in a cast.

The soldier calls out for reinforcements as he holds one arm around the boy’s neck and keeps his other hand on his gun. Within a minute, Muhammad’s sister, Ahed, 14, and mother arrive, along with other women and children.

Screaming, they hit the soldier, unmask him, and try to pull the boy away. They succeed just as a second soldier arrives. One of them throws a stun grenade at the Palestinians. Both soldiers, however, walk away without arresting Muhammad.

The IDF said the incident occurred during violent clashes between its soldiers and Palestinians in which rocks were thrown at security forces. It said that an attempt was made to arrest Muhammad after he was identified as one of the stone throwers.

The IDF said that during the execution of the arrest, a number of Palestinians, including women and children, acted in a violent and provocative manner. It said that a commander decided not to carry out the arrest as a result of this.
Papa Tamimi has told the Jerusalem Post that he's proud of his brood
"We have the right to resist. Our children are doing their duty and must be strong," Bassem Tamimi told The Jerusalem Post, when asked how he feels about his children's participation in West Bank protests against soldiers. He noted, however, that they are not against the soldiers, but against the occupation. 
"There is no safe place to be," he tells the Post, making no distinction between soldiers, settlers or Jewish extremists . "Because a lot of time they target houses, and there is fire on the houses." He gives the example of the Dawabshe family who were the victims of an arson attack on their home in Duma in July, which killed a Palestinian toddler and his father. The attack was allegedly perpetrated by Jewish terrorists.
It's actually far more likely that the attack was perpetrated by a rival 'Palestinian' clan but because our government is afraid to come out and say it, so is everyone else and we continue to be slandered.
Responding to comments made by right-wing Israeli politicians and activists on the heels of Friday's incident, that IDF soldiers should open fire immediately if they are attacked, Bassem Tamimi claims that it makes no difference if they are attacked or not: "they will open fire anyway," he asserts. 
That's a libel. 

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At 3:47 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Israellycool site shows that the boy's cast switches from left to right hand. Apparently just a pallywood prop.


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