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Sunday, August 09, 2015

ICYMI: Kerry tells Jeffrey Goldberg 'If Congress rejects Iran sellout, Iran won't play role in Middle East peace'

From Jeffrey Goldberg's interview with John Kerry, which I have discussed previously.
Kerry also said that his chief Iranian interlocutor, the foreign minister, Javad Zarif, and Zarif’s boss, the (relatively) reformist president, Hassan Rouhani, would be in “serious trouble” at home if the deal falls through. Zarif, Kerry told me, explicitly promised him that Iran will engage with the United States and its Arab allies on a range of regional issues, should Congress approve the deal. “Zarif specifically said to me in the last two weeks, ‘If we get this finished, I am now empowered to work with and talk to you about regional issues.’” Kerry went on, “This is in Congress’s hands. If Congress says no, Congress will shut that down, shut off that conversation, set this back, and set in motion a series of inevitables about what would happen with respect to Iranian behavior, and, by the way, the sanctions will be over.”
You mean that if Congress says yes to the Iran sellout, Iran will want a seat at the table on the 'peace process,' and if Congress says no, Iran will stay away. Sounds to me like another reason to say no.

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