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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Hmmm... 'Palestinian Authority' refused to issue driver's license to Dawabsha because he was a Hamas supporter

For those who don't get the connection, Sa'ad Dawabsha was the father of the 18-month old who was burned to death in last week's terror attack in Duma. (KhaledAbuToameh confirmed that to me in a return tweet).

Although there have been claims that the Dawabsha family home was burnt down by 'Jewish terrorists,' to date, no Jew has been arrested in connection with the attack, and there are rumors that the family was involved in a feud between clans for the last 18 years.

And now this. You don't think that the Dawabsha family home was burned down by Fatah supporters because the Dawabsha's were Hamas supporters, do you?


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