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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#BDS_Fail Matisyahu gets an apology and an invitation

After a day that saw the Rototom festival condemned by its own government, American Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu has received an apology and a new invitation.
The Rototom Sunsplash reggae festival said it rejects any form of discrimination and anti-Semitism, and said it was sorry for canceling Matisyahu’s August 22 show.
The new invitation asks Matisyahu – the stage name of the ex-ultra-Orthodox artist whose real name is Matthew Miller – to perform in his originally planned slot on the festival’s Main Stage.
“We respect the Jewish community and sincerely apologize for what happened,” the festival organizers said in a statement, according to the Spanish news site El Mundo.
“Rototom publicly apologizes for canceling Matisyahu’s concert and announces that he has been invited to perform on Saturday, August 22 at the festival, as originally scheduled,” it says.
The statement blamed the local anti-Israel group BDS País Valencià, which campaigned to cancel Matisyahu’s invitation, for “pressures, threats and coercion” efforts that threatened to “seriously disrupt the normal functioning of the festival” and “prevented the management of the situation with clarity.”
In a hint that the festival may be facing legal troubles for singling out the Jewish performer, the festival said it “reaffirms its commitment” to each person’s freedom of belief as recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Spanish Constitution.
 It will be interesting to see whether the anti-Semites try to disrupt his performance.

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At 7:12 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Tell them to go to hell and bar everyone associated with the event, their companies, family members, employees and contractors from entry to Israel for life.


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