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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

There IS an 'anytime anywhere' provision in the Iran deal

There is an 'anytime anywhere' provision in President Hussein Obama's sellout to Iran. Unfortunately, it's not the one you were hoping for.
Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, said that he insisted during the negotiations that Iran be able to purchase and ship military hardware at any time and from any place, according to the comments made on state-controlled television.
Araghchi vowed “to buy weapons from wherever possible, and [said that Iran] is to provide weapons to whomever and whenever it considers appropriate,” according to a translation of his comments made by the Open Source Center.
“When they [the P5+1] said that they were not going to lift weapons and missiles sanctions, or at least not immediately, we explicitly told them that there could be no agreement because we will not sacrifice our national security for anything,” Araghchi was quoted as saying during the interview with an Iranian television network.
“With regards to our national security, our defense systems, and our missiles systems, we are not even willing to negotiate, let alone compromise,” Araghchi claimed he told the global powers in the negotiating room.
Araghchi went on to insist that “if you want to have an agreement in which sanctions imposed on us for weapons and missiles will continue, then we will not agree.”
He continued: “Whenever we consider it necessary for our own security, [or] to help our allies in the region we will provide weapons. … We don’t feel shy. We will provide weapons to whomever and whenever we consider appropriate. And we will buy weapons from wherever we can.”
This demand “was made clear to the other party,” according to the Open Source Center’s analysis.
Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser and expert on rogue regimes, expressed concern that less than a week after the deal was announced, Iran is already challenging U.S. claims about what the agreement does.
“This nuclear accord will not bring peace; rather, it has simply opened the floodgates to murder and mayhem on a scale the region hasn’t seen in decades,” Rubin said. “The Iranians are basically saying they will provide rocket-propelled grenades and explosively-formed projectiles anytime, anywhere. Only when they say anytime, anywhere, they actually mean it.”
So which version of the 'agreement' will be presented to Congress? The US one that the Iranians have disavowed, the UN one that the Iranians have disavowed, or the Iranian one that is a moving target?

What could go wrong?

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