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Friday, July 24, 2015

The leading financiers of Islamic terrorism

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) has told the Washington Examiner that as a result of the Iranian nuclear sellout, President Hussein Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have become the World's leading financiers of Islamic terrorism.
"If this deal goes through, the Obama administration, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, will become the leading global financiers of radical Islamic terrorism," said Cruz. He further criticized the deal for lifting the ballistic missile embargo, claiming it is tantamount to arming a theocratic regime that has pledged to murder Americans.
"In the middle of negotiating this deal, the Ayatollah Khamenei led chants of shouting 'death to America'," stated Cruz. The 2016 Republican candidate went on to compare Obama to former President Jimmy Carter, charging that Obama has abandoned American hostages in Iran.
"Barack Obama left them in a squalid Iranian hellhole," Cruz said. "Four hostages, Barack Obama cannot even bring himself to utter their names."
Cruz extended his criticism to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and called on the media to ask her to say the names of the four Americans being detained in Iran. "If she would be commander in chief of this country, demonstrate leadership. Stand up and speak out," he said.
Cruz added that no conversation should have begun without the release of the American hostages.
When asked about the likelihood of Congress stopping the deal, Cruz said it is on the American people to engage their elected officials. But he admitted that blocking the deal ultimately depends on Democrats.
Meanwhile, Iran seems more likely than the United States to reject the deal.
The idea that solving the nuclear crisis would unlock a new Iran of economic riches and political moderation has been enthusiastically promoted by the Rouhani administration and its supporters. This is good political spin. But as a reflection of political reality it is seriously flawed – for the simple reason that it conflates a process into a single transformational moment; and perhaps more importantly, it fails to account for the reality of contemporary Iran’s political landscape.
It is a landscape that has been sculpted by the Ahmadinejad years, and in which the pragmatic presidency of his successor Rouhani stands as an island in an ocean of hardline institutions. Hassan Rouhani has done little to change this during his two years in power, in large part because his strategy has been predicated on a successful conclusion of the nuclear issue – gambling that popular support and economic necessity will not only see the agreement through but release some political capital to enact social and political reforms.
He is on firmer ground with the former – and while there continues to be a popular clamour for change, it has been a long time since the politics of the Islamic Republic has been dictated by the will of the people.
Last week supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei decided to set the record straight. This was in sum the pursuit of an arms control agreement, he said – nothing more, nothing less, and certainly not a transformational moment in the politics of the Islamic Republic.
 If only they knew what the deal was.... What could go wrong?

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At 4:41 PM, Blogger Alex in Montana said...

The left all over the Western World detest 1) their own country and 2) Israel.

They import Muslims into their own countries by the millions as they are 1) a reliable voting bloc for the left 2) A useful army that will murder us while destroying our traditions through multi-culturalism and Sharia.

As the Muslims hate Israel also, there are virtually no restraints put upon Muslim countries and Muslim countries can not be criticized.

In the US Ted Cruz is the only candidate who understands this.


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