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Monday, July 20, 2015

The day Obama caused Israel's demise

A couple of years ago I posted the video below, which simulates a nuclear attack on Israel. I couldn't find the post, but I found the video.

Let's go to the videotape.

@KurtSchlichter has written a fictional account at Townhall of an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel - aided and abetted by the Obama administration. It's a very realistic scenario and it's about a year away.
The Iranians, from the beginning, cheated on a massive scale, and Benjamin Netanyahu’s government immediately redoubled its efforts to ensure the Iranians could not cross the line from aspiring to actual nuclear power. Israeli cyber warriors worked to slow the program remotely, but the NSA – on President Obama’s orders – assisted the Iranians in hardening their computer systems pursuant to the nuclear deal’s notorious “sabotage” provisions.
But it was not the Israelis who discovered the secret Iranian parallel program that Netanyahu revealed to the world in March 2016. It was the Americans who discovered it; the Israelis found out from sources within the U.S. intelligence community who were horrified that the Obama administration knew the Iranians were steadily advancing toward completing their first bomb but was keeping it secret.
Ignoring the Iranians’ actions, President Obama lashed out at Netanyahu after the Prime Minister revealed the program in a press conference.
“These kind of inflammatory statements harm the cause of peace and drive a wedge between allies,” Obama said, his rage unhidden. “This kind of behavior is, frankly, dangerous to Israel’s safety.”
Obama’s barely-concealed threat was clear; he would not tolerate any challenge to his legacy regardless of the risk to the Jewish state. 
On July 5, 2016, with one hour to go before launch, Netanyahu received a call from Vice President Joe Biden. U.S. intelligence had seen the preparations and anticipated the strike; Biden, as the conversation transcript later revealed, was clearly frightened.
“Benjamin, we’ve known each other a long time. You’ve got to believe me. If you launch, he’ll warn the Iranians and he’ll order American forces to shoot down your jets. I can’t talk him out of it. He’s serious. He’ll do it. Please, please call it off.”
At that moment, Netanyahu was handed an intelligence update. There was increased aircraft activity on the USS Reagan afloat just outside the Persian Gulf, and Iranian anti-aircraft missile batteries were alerting. President Obama was preparing to launch fighters and had already warned the Iranians.
With a heavy heart, Netanyahu called off Operation Masada. A week later, news of the fiasco was leaked by “an anonymous White house source” to the New York Times. In the resulting uproar in Israel, Netanyahu resigned. His place was taken by an elderly Laborite who proclaimed, “This is an opportunity for peace!” and vowed to work closely with the Obama administration. He was welcomed to Washington the next week and treated with respect in return for his obedience.
Israelis were going to breakfast on August 30, 2016, when the bomb went off above Tel Aviv. There was an unfathomably bright flash in the cloudless sky at about 1515 feet, calculated precisely to be high enough to maximize the thermal and blast effects but low enough to churn up substantial fallout. It detonated over the Jaffa area of southern outskirts of the city instead of where it was aimed, the government center – only the Iranians could manage to miss a city with an A-bomb. Ironically, Ground Zero was heavily populated by Israeli Arabs.
On CNN and MSNBC, Democrat “strategists” went on the air offering the carefully crafted talking points hurriedly drafted in the West Wing, accusing “warmongering Republicans” calling for retaliation against the mullahs of “playing politics with this tragedy.” On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton refused to take questions, and insisted that, “This is no time for the kind of hateful, incendiary language my opponent is using.”
Only Fox News showed footage of Iranians laughing and singing in the streets. Similarly, on several college campuses, students marched to demand that there be no humanitarian aid to “the Zionist entity.” There was also a video, widely shown on Fox and on conservative websites, but never on any mainstream media outlet, of a prominent Democratic Senate nominee high fiving some of her donors upon hearing the news.

Read the whole thing. The only details that might be unrealistic are that he has Scott Walker winning the Presidency (if only the next US President is a Republican - I fear it is going to be Hillary Clinton) and making the Marine who stormed out of the US command center that wouldn't help Israel the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and that he has Netanyahu returning to power after Walker's election.

Kurt's article reminded me a lot of this article by Steven Plaut about the day after a 'Palestinian state.' It was written in 2003, around the time that Israel started getting a handle on the intifadeh.

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I would be the first one to call for an Israeli nuclear strike on Washington DC in that scenario. And I live 4 hrs south of DC by car.

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