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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Seven devastating facts you may not know about the Iranian nuclear sellout

Breitbart.com looks at seven devastating facts about the Iranian nuclear sellout that you might have missed.
1. U.S. Nuclear Inspectors Are Banned From Inspecting Iran’s Nuclear Sites
The administration’s claim that the deal provides inspections “anytime, anywhere” is also false. Obama’s deal allows Iran to block inspector access to any undeclared nuclear site. As Charles Krauthammer notes, “The denial is then adjudicated by a committee—on which Iran sits. It then goes through several other bodies, on all of which Iran sits” and the whole process may take up to 24 days.
2. Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal Lifts Economic Sanctions that Could Boost Iran’s Economy with $150 Billion in Revenue
As the Washington Post reports, “Yet another worry is that the lifting of tough economic sanctions on Iran would provide it with as much as $150 billion in revenue. Some of that money would be spent on infrastructure and the Iranian people. Some of it, critics say, would go to the likes of Hezbollah, Syrian Bashar al-Assad and Iraqi militias that no long ago were killing Americans.”
3. The Obama Administration Admits That ‘We Should Expect’ Iran Will Spend Some of the $150 Billion in Revenues Obama’s Deal Gives Them On Their Military and Possibly Terrorism

4. On the Very Week Obama Brokered His Iran Nuclear Deal, Large Crowds Across Iran Could Be Heard Chanting “Death to America”—And Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Declared ‘Death to America’ Just Months Ago
5. Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal Does Not Require Iran to Release Any American Prisoners
6. Obama’s Deal Allows Russia and China to Supply Iran with Weapons
Krauthammer argues that “the net effect of this capitulation will be not only to endanger our Middle East allies now under threat from Iran and its proxies, but to endanger our own naval forces in the Persian Gulf.” He added, “Imagine how Iran’s acquisition of the most advanced anti-ship missiles would threaten our control over the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, waterways we have kept open for international commerce for a half century.”
7. 77 Percent of Americans Oppose Obama’s Lifting of Sanctions Against Iran
Why did Obama-Kerry negotiate such a bad deal? Because they wanted a deal at all costs. The New York Times published a shocking story last week that shows just how Kerry and Wendy Sherman were defeated every step of the way.
At one point last week the simmering tension between the two negotiators boiled over when Mr. Zarif felt his American counterpart was pressing too hard. “Never threaten an Iranian!” he shouted. At the other end of the table Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, who has had his share of disputes with Mr. Kerry, tried to break the tension. “Or a Russian!” he said, as the room broke out in nervous laughter.
But during a break on one particularly discouraging March day in Lausanne, Switzerland, where negotiations were held before adjourning to Vienna, Mr. Zarif struck a different tone as he invoked the names of the key figures on two sides, including Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and the top energy officials of the United States and Iran, Ernest J. Moniz and Ali Akbar Salehi.
“We are not going to have another time in history when there is an Obama and a Biden and a Kerry and a Moniz again,” he said, according to notes of the conversation. “And there may be no Rouhani, Zarif and Salehi.”
Breitbart adds:
[The Iranians] understood all along that their bargaining position was superior, because Obama needed a deal at any cost — as his critics have said all along, he would take a bad deal over no deal, especially as he got deeper into the process, and it became more obvious that both Obama’s ego and political needs made backing away from the table unthinkable. Obama and Kerry doubled down with every losing hand, until the Iranians cleaned them out.
The NYT is essentially saying that Obama’s top priority was collecting some good press and personal accolades for a deal, and dumping the Iran problem into someone else’s lap while he gets through his lame-duck years.
Late in the article, it is mentioned that Obama grew embarrassed about how obvious his thirst for a deal had become, and tried telling his aides, “I don’t need this.” The aides guessed that he meant Supreme Court wins on ObamaCare and gay marriage had given him enough political cover to make delaying the Iran deal feasible.
One way to appreciate how badly America lost in this lousy deal is to look at how many side issues it does include – every last one of them a win for Iran. “Imprisonment of dissidents and even some Americans” does not directly relate to nuclear weapons… but neither does ICBM technology, and Iran won concessions there.
Obama’s apologists are spinning this debacle by claiming the only alternative was a huge, bloody war, beginning immediately. Secretary of State Kerry actually wound up sobbing about how he had managed to avert another Vietnam. Meanwhile, Iran is boasting about defeating “unfair” sanctions that never should have been leveled against it, forcing the Great Satan to acknowledge its Allah-given right to atomic power, and rather openly stating it is still unafraid of fighting a war against what the Ayatollah describes as the nexus of “global arrogance” in America.
Read the whole thing.

I came across this post that I did in 2010 which listed ten goals of the Obama administration. Sadly, most of them have already been accomplished.

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