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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Proof that Iran cannot be contained through mutually assured destruction

The Obama administration believes that it doesn't matter whether Iran gets nuclear weapons because they can be contained through the doctrine of mutually assured destruction.

I've always believed they're wrong. Now, I have proof.
Unlike North Korea whose territorial claims are limited to the Korean Peninsula, the Ayatollahs' territorial claims – featuring prominently in their school textbooks, weekly sermons and daily subversive and terroristic operations - transcend Iran, the Persian Gulf, the Middle East and the Muslim World. Unlike North Korea which is deterred by MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction), the apocalyptic Ayatollahs are not deterred - but energized - by MAD. For example, The Qur'an and Life (Grade 12, p. 125) prepares children for the apocalyptic war against the US, and Defense Readiness (Grade 11, p. 11) praises the 500,000 children who were sent to clear the minefields during the war against Iraq.
Would they really teach their kids that sort of thing if they weren't ready to follow through on it? 

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