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Friday, July 03, 2015

Obama will get his legacy, Kerry will get his Nobel and Iran will get the bomb

A reminder that I am in Chicago, where it is not yet the Sabbath....

Charles Krauthammer on how the United States is about to enter into the worst agreement in diplomatic history.
Taken together, the catalog of capitulations is breathtaking: spot inspections, disclosure of previous nuclear activity, gradual sanctions relief, retention of nonnuclear sanctions.
What’s left? A surrender document of the kind offered by defeated nations suing for peace. Consider: The strongest military and economic power on earth, backed by the five other major powers, armed with what had been a crushing sanctions regime, is about to sign the worst international agreement in U.S. diplomatic history.
How did it come to this? With every concession, Obama and Kerry made clear they were desperate for a deal.
And they will get it. Obama will get his “legacy.” Kerry will get his Nobel. And Iran will get the bomb.
Read it all.

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