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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Israel's 'loyal opposition' responds to the Iran deal

It was just Monday (yesterday) that Israel's opposition expressed its opposition to the then-impending deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. Now that the deal has been signed, Israel's opposition is opposed to it, and has blasted the excessive concessions made to reach it. There's one small problem.

Instead of circling the wagons to oppose the sellout to Iran, and blaming the Obama administration and the Europeans for it, Israel's opposition is placing all the blame on a man who wasn't even in Vienna this week or month. Can you guess whom they're blaming?
“In the next month, we need to work vis-employ a different tactic vis-a-vis Congress. We should not ask our friends in the Senate and Congress to try and topple all the sections in the agreement, because then they don't listen to us, but to concentrate on the matter of inspection, which is the Achilles heel, the weakest point in the agreement.”

"I started to conduct talks with them on this matter in my visit to Washington last month,” [Yair] Lapid said, “and on this issue they are willing to listen. We have to ask them to insist only on this point and to say that without real inspection they will not approve the remval of sanctions.”
Lapid argued that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is not the man who should lead the campaign vis-avis the US administration, because “the White House's door is closed before him, half of Congress won't listen to him.” He called on Netanyahu to resign.
Like it or not, Netanyahu is Prime Minister for the next month - in fact for the next three months - even if the government were to fall tomorrow. Congress has 60 days to vote up or down on this agreement. This is not the time to undermine Israel's elected leader in that fight.

But Yair Lapid is all about self-promotion. Always was and always will be. It's kind of like Obama blaming Bush for everything when Bush has had no connection to the US government for six and a half years.

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At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all likelihood, Lapid has the causation all wrong. A look at Obama's history in office shows clearly that he cannot tolerate criticism or disagreement. He takes them as a personal affront and reacts like a petulant child by doing things like name-calling and closing his door (putting his fingers in his ears). Obama's response to a Lapid telling him the deal sucks would the same as it is to Netanyahu.


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