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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Europe to allow Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to operate on its territory

Europe is going to allow the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to operate on its territory beginning in 2023.
Making matters significantly worse from the Israeli and European Jewish perspective is Europe’s decision to allow the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, or the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps as it usually called in the West, broad latitude to operate within the EU starting in 2023.

“The EU delisting of IRGC military organizations and personnel is tantamount to a green light for Iran-sponsored terrorism. Likewise, the EU delisting of IRGC financial, engineering, construction, energy and transport sector entities amounts to European approval of the IRGC’s dominance in Iran’s economy, which equates to the continued repression of the Iranian people by a regime that just cashed in on temporarily deferring aspects of its nuclear program,” Ali Alfoneh, an expert on the Revolutionary Guard, and a fellow a the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, wrote.

Europe’s media are not paying attention to some of the fine print in the nuclear agreement that largely affects their citizen’s security as well as that of Israel institutions across the continent.

Alfoneh noted, “After the nuclear agreement signed last week, the United States will maintain most of its sanctions on individuals and entities connected to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the regime’s elite forces for external terrorism and domestic repression. The European Union, however, has chosen a different path: a mass delisting of the Guards on the date the deal calls ‘Transition Day.’” Europe’s “Transition Day” is to take place eight years after the agreement has been formally implemented.

Alfoneh wrote, “barring unforeseen circumstances [implementation] will occur at some point over the next three months. On that day, the EU will delist the IRGC, as well as its Air Force and Missile Command. Most unexpectedly, it will lift nuclear sanctions on the Quds Force, the IRGC’s external arm tasked with ‘exporting the revolution’ and extending support to terrorist proxies.”

The EU is slated to delist Iranian banks such as Ansar and Mehr , which are under sanctions because of their nuclear proliferation and nuclear weapons delivery activities. The EU did not object to delisting the notorious Brig.-Gen. Mohammad Hejazi.

Hejazi is a former commander of the Basij militia, Alfoneh told The Jerusalem Post.
It's time for European Jews to leave the hostile continent. What could go wrong?

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