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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Breaking: Messiah's times: Police stop Arabs from attacking Jews on Temple Mount

When we were walking toward the Western Wall today, my sons and I passed a group that was being briefed for entry to the Temple Mount. They were being told: "The Arabs know only one word in English: 'Out.' And that's what they will keep yelling at you."

A short while ago, police entered the 'holy' al-Aqsa mosque after receiving a tip that Muslim 'youth' lay in wait for Jews to ascend the Mount. They planned to attack them with rocks and firebombs.
Israeli police entered a holy Jerusalem site on Sunday to prevent Arab youths from attacking visiting Jews marking a biblical holiday, a police spokesman said.
Micky Rosenfeld said police received prior warnings that masked Arab youths were barricading themselves inside the al-Aqsa Mosque armed with rocks and fire bombs. He said the youths planned to attack Jews visiting the area Sunday for Tisha B'Av - the Jewish holiday marking the destruction of ancient Hebrew temples.
Rosenfeld said some officers were wounded as they pushed the youths back, without providing further details.
If the mosques are so 'holy,' why is their use as offensive military sites permitted? 

By the way, I called this 'Messiah's times,' because normally the Israeli police do nothing to stop the Muslims from attacking non-Muslim visitors to the Mount. 

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