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Saturday, July 04, 2015

And now the rockets are coming from Sinai...

Where are the UN 'peacekeepers' when you need them? Hiding out as usual. A rocket from the Sinai was fired into Israel after the Sabbath started.

Militants in Egypt's Sinai peninsula fired a rocket into southern Israel on Friday in an incident that appeared linked to fighting between Islamist insurgents and Egyptian security forces, an Israeli military source said.

"Yes, the rocket was fired from Sinai," the source said, confirming an Israeli Army Radio report that the missile was launched from the desert region bordering Israel and Gaza.

Israeli police said they had found rocket remnants in an open area. No damage or casualties resulted.

It was possible the launch was linked to the fighting in Sinai, the military source said.
Or maybe it wasn't an accident. And maybe we have another source of rocket fire into Israel. What could go wrong?

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