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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Palestinians' to turn to International Criminal Court on Thursday

It's a travel day, so greetings to all of you from the airline lounge in Paris (France, not Texas).

There is supposed to be WiFi on my next flight, and if there is and I stay awake, there may be a few posts today.

The 'Palestinian Authority' (the state that claims it needs a state) is planning to take advantage of the incredibly biased 'investigation' into last summer's Gaza war that was released by the United Nations 'human rights council' on Tuesday by filing a complaint against Israel in the International Criminal Court on Thursday.
According to a senior Palestinian official, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Amliki will present the documents concerning the results of the fighting in Gaza along with data on the damage caused by the war, and the damage to the civilian population. He will additionially provide information on settlement construction over the past year, as well as the issue of the Palestinian prisoners held in Israel, with an emphasis on administrative detention.
Since the signing of the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court and Palestine's joining the ICC in April, the Palestinian National Council has prepared materials on a number of matters with the goal of presenting them to the ICC, said the senior Palestinian official.
Last month, Fatah central committee member Mohammed Ashtayya told Haaretz that the Palestinian reports were comprehensive and detailed accounts of Israel's contravention of international law and were intended to provide the court with a sufficient basis on which to decide whether to launch investigations.

The reports were compiled by a special committee established at the beginning of the year to collate all the material destined for the court. The committee was assisted by international jurists and advisers.
The Palestinian position has received renewed support as a result of the release of the Gaza report this week; and PA officials have said they are being aided by lawyers who specialize in international law, in order to prepare the documents for the ICC in expectation that this will speed up the court's decision to open an investigation against Israel.
We can thank all the anti-Semitic European governments for funding the NGO's that issued this report. 

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the report's release, the 'Palestinians' have been directing their celebratory gunfire from Gaza at Israel....

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At 5:04 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

"... PA officials have said they are being aided by lawyers who specialize in international law, in order to prepare the documents for the ICC... "

Can we assume that one of these lawyers is Mr schabas?


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